We intervene in all areas of notarial activity alongside our clients and their advice, both in the context of their personal life and their professional activity.


Skills & Reactivity

We address professionals and companies with a team of highly skilled people trained in renowned Parisian notary offices. To serve the high expectations of companies in the real estate market, Affidavit Notaires brings proficiency and reactivity to recommend the most appropriate solutions.

We are particularly involved in the following topics:

  • Business Real Estate Property

    • Real estate sales & purchases (housing, retail, hospitality, logistics and other activities…)
    • Purchase, restructuring and resale operations
    • Real estate portfolio sales & purchases
    • Bid solicitations on real estate
    • Batch sales of real-estate assets
    • Share deals on real estate companies
    • Co-ownership and volumetry
    • Real estate financing (loan, mortgages…)
    • Commercial leases
    • Construction leases and long leases
    • Company contributions, universal transfer of assets, mergers and acquisitions
  • Real Estate development

    • Development projects / subdivisions,
    • Building land acquisitions
    • Legal organizations (co-ownership, volumetry,  …)
    • Off-plan sale, sale of property for renovation,
    • Greenfield investment

Support & Agility

To serve individual clients we have assembled a team of specialists in Family Law, real estate transfer as well as estate planning. We provide a tailored service according to your needs. No matter the request, our experts are at your disposal for a diagnostics on your estate planning strategy.

This leads us to assist in the following topics

  • Real estate transactions

    • Primary and secondary properties sales & purchases
    • Rental Investment
    • Co-ownership
    • Setting up and supporting property companiesMortgage financing
    • Rural and foresttry transactions
  • Family & estate planning 

    • Marriage and civil partnership
    • Matrimonial property regime
    • Adoptions
    • Personal and business estate planning
    • Donations and specific business exemption (Dutreil),
    • Wills
    • Lasting Power of Attorney,
    • Philanthropy
    • Divisions
    • Divorces
    • Inheritances


Pour toute demande, notre équipe se tient à votre disposition. Nous vous répondrons dans les meilleurs délais. 

Affidavit NOTAIRES