Our office


Affidavit Notary was founded in 2018 by Amaury Guilloteau, Alexandre Leroy-Pélissier and Germain Cooche. Our office emerges from the new « loi Macron » regulatory framework of August 6th 2015.

After meeting each other in a leading Parisian notary office, Amaury, Alexandre and Germain decided to start a venture in order to develop an innovative and ground-breaking experience. Closely linked by their values, the founders relentlessly seek to bring a service that is up the high standard of their customers.

With this drive, the founders assembled a team of jurists and Civil Law Notaries trained in renowned Parisian notary offices to bring accurate and precise legal assistance to Affidavit Notaires’ customers : individuals, professionals and large corporate groups.

With a strong track record, Affidavit Notaires has established itself within the Parisian and French notarial landscape.

To keep up with current growth, Affidavit Notaires is seeking to establish strong partnerships with other like-minded players to adress the extended “Grand Paris” region and other large French cities.


Pour toute demande, notre équipe se tient à votre disposition. Nous vous répondrons dans les meilleurs délais. 

Affidavit NOTAIRES