1. Latin term commonly used in Anglo-Saxon law meaning « sworn statement ».
2. An innovative Civil Law Notary Office founded by its three partners within the « Loi Croissance » of 2015.




Passionately focused on our customers,, we proud ourselves in bringing security and rigor, agility and responsiveness to our clients.

Our dedicated multi-disciplinary teams (real estate transfer for professionals and individuals, family law and estate planning…) brings deep transversal expertise.

As problem solvers, we work very closely with our customers in order to best respond to their needs.


We provide an end to end approach in both our clients personal activity and their business affairs.



Team spirit and customer service are the heart of our activity.

Based on these values we have built an experienced and dynamic team with complementary skills. We proactively look for cross collaboration amongst our team members in order to provide best solutions to our customers.

What is a Civil Law Notary ?

In the French legal system, the Notary establishes indisputable deeds.
Legal professional and public officer, the Notary is appointed by the State to confer authenticity to agreements and act as an impartial advisor.
The State delegates the notary the mission of ensuring the security of contracts by authenticating the deeds he/she directs.
Formalism is protective of the individual’s wishes: the Notaire guarantees the free consent of the parties.
As a high qualified lawyer, the Notaire assists professionals and individuals, particularly on real estate transfer, estate settlement and family Law


Pour toute demande, notre équipe se tient à votre disposition. Nous vous répondrons dans les meilleurs délais. 

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